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Personalised Christening Gifts

A Christening is an event of joy and happiness, celebrating the birth of the new arrival. Whether it is for the Christening of a baby boy or girl our bookmarks make lovely personalised christening gifts.
Christening Gifts baby presents Gifts for Christenings
Personalised Christening gifts may be given to the parents of the baby, engraved with the babies name and the date of the christening. Our sweet range of bookmarks make beautiful gifts for these occasions and will be kept for a lifetime.

Alternatively christening gifts may be given out by the parents to all the attending guests, as a memento of the special day. A bookmark makes a beautiful gift that is both useful and delicate; a precious reminder to all those who were present.

Why choose a bookmark?

Anybody who reads books, whether occasionally or regularly, will find it a useful gift. Bookmarks are items which will nearly always be used in moments of solitude and thus make particularly meaningful presents for guests. Furthermore, our bookmarks are unique to us giving originality and thoughtfulness to the occasion.

For further information about the engraving process and creating your perosnalised christening gift, please visit our engraved bookmarks page or call us on 01423 547276 to have a friendly chat about your options.

The perfect christening gift for that special day!

Bookmarks also make excellent gifts for other occasions, such as:




Christening gifts for the UK.

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