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Memento Bookmarks

Why use memento bookmarks?
  • They are high quality, unique bookmarks that are designed to be kept in the pocket, wallet or book.
  • They come in a protective pouch that means that the recepients will keep them for years.
  • They are the ultimate in exclusive business gifts.
  • If you choose to keep one side blank, it makes an excellent portable mirror, which can be kept in a wallet or purse.
  • The standard fully customised price per item for 200 is only 4.20!
Minimum order required: 200 items

Designs can cover both sides of the bookmark and can fit up to 200 words of text, can contain logos, mission statements, company facts, slogans, images or whatever you require.

The timescale is approximately 30 days from design approval.

Large quantity discounts available.

Just contact us on 01423 547276 or email us at sales@thebookmarkshop.com and we will talk you through the process.


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We are a company based
in the UK.

You can email us at
sales@thebookmarkshop.com or call us on 01423 547276

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