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Personalised gifts to help offset decline in morale?

Personalised gifts may be the ideal thing to boost workplace morale, after an expert highlighted the effects difficulties in the economy are having on staff.

Dilly Robinson, principal research fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies, explained there was something of a "Blitz spirit" in the early days of the recession.

Workers accepted pay freezes and in some cases cuts, while making extra effort to cover vacancies and increase productivity.

However, she suggested this attitude is wearing away, with Badenoch & Clark having found nearly a quarter of people are unhappy in their job and 27 per cent would not recommend their current employer.

"Many workers are probably thinking that 'enough's enough' and that they're now entitled to some reward from all the belt-tightening," said Ms Robinson.

She highlighted a condition of "structural commitment", with many Britons only staying in their positions because it would be financially disadvantageous for them to leave.

Article published 27th Jan 2011
Article I.D. 800368236
Published by Adfero

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