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Engraved jewellery could be ideal Valentine's choice for fashionistas

Engraved jewellery could be an ideal Valentine's Day present for females who like to stay on trend.

Indeed, such a personal touch may prove better than some of the gifts that have been suggested to the Guardian's Fashion Statement.

One press release sent to the newspaper recommended heart-print toilet paper, while another said a 'tantoo' - a sticker which sunbathers place on them to create a design made from their white bits - is the latest fashion fad.

Men who want to ensure they do not get the cold shoulder on February 14th may sensibly decide that engraved jewellery is likely to be better received than a roll of toilet paper.

This bathroom-related gift was cited by the publication as proof that romance was "dead and buried".

One man who may need to give his loved one plenty of engraved jewellery is US president Barack Obama, who said the busier he becomes, the more he seems to spend on Valentine's presents for his wife to make it up to her.

Article published 28th Jan 2011
Article I.D. 800370997
Published by Adfero

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