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Personalised gifts an option for maintaining employee engagement?

Offering personalised gifts may be on option for firms that are keen to ensure their employees remain engaged during the current difficult economic times.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's Jill Miller, cutting back on personnel interaction in the current climate would be "fatal" for businesses, HR Magazine reports.

Speaking during a panel discussion at the Employee Engagement Conference, research adviser Ms Miller said human resources departments may be forced to cut their investment in staff due to lower liquidity within firms.

"If organisations stop engagement because of tight resources and then pick it up again in the good times, you may have some cynicism and resistance among staff," she warned, adding it is "not great" to reply on forced engagement - whereby personnel are motivated by fear over reduced pay or being made redundant.

Tom Hadley of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation recently noted more businesses will be looking to temporary staff over the coming months, who may be given personalised gifts to show their work is appreciated.

Article published 31st Jan 2011
Article I.D. 800375638
Published by Adfero

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